1951-1963 Complete Bus Sunroof Assembly with Rails

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Complete Bus Assembly with Rails

Complete VW Bus Sunroof Assembly kit includes 1 header bow (locking bow), 3 trailer bow (hoop bows), the rear strip and grooved handle assembly included for the header bow. Additional items included a fully polished 4 piece set of aluminum rails, 36 stainless steel screws for the side rails, 13 screws for the rear tension strip, side tension strip, side tension strip screws and 6 screws and 6 washers for the spring bar cover plates and rear tension clip screws and washers. This is the most comprehensive kit we sell and it includes all hardware we make for the Type 2 sunroof. Every part is brand new and the header bow is pre-adjusted for correct fit and adjustments. Kit does NOT include upholstery.

Also available is the Complete Bus Sunroof Assembly Without Rails.

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