What We Do

Vw Sheet Metal Work

We specialize in sheet metal work on old vw buses and bugs. With over a decade of experience you can count on quality work and service from us. It is our mission to make each job we do as close to the original finish as possible.

At our shop we have several different kinds of welders for the different kinds of repairs, in some instances we will tig weld (butt weld) the existing metal and the new panels together. Planishing the weld for a seamless finish. In other instances we will spot weld the panel at the factory joints leaving small indents to give a factory finish.

In every case we have the experience to make the decisions and advise you with your project. It is our goal to not only provide quality work but to give you good advice on how to proceed with your project.

Hard Top to 21 or 23 window conversions

Because of our extensive work with sheet metal, we have been able to develop a stamping/forming process that ACTUALLY stamps your hardtop to a sunroof with the windows. The outer roof section is yours and not new welded in parts!

We do make the sunroof assembly and it is new along with the supporting panels for the inside of the roof. Our sunroof assembly, parts and other other supporting items are interchangeable with the original and look and feel like the quality originals

Hard Top to Sunroof Conversion

Making Parts Here in The United States of America

Frustrated with low quality parts provided made in some third world country, we thought “why not just make good parts here in the USA”. At times it’s an uphill battle but in general most Americans want to support US companies and small business like Grumpy’s Metal. We want to make good parts, provide good service and give a living wage to our team of people that help make it all possible.