1951-1963 Bus Complete Soft Parts Rebuild Kit

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Trailer Bow Soft Rebuild Kit

Complete Bus Sunroof Soft Parts Rebuild Kit for 1951-1963 (Mid Year) Type 2 VW Sunroof Bus. This kit includes the soft parts for all 4 bows: 1 front Bus Header Bow Rebuild Kit with 2 inner and 2 outer slides, screws and the steel follower bow rubber ends, and 3 Trailer Bow Rebuild Kit which included: 6 rubber spacers/dampeners, 6 phenolic slides, 6 sponge rubbers, 12 sex bolts, 12 screws, 12 star washers, 6 UHMW slides (Ez Slide) and 6 rubber tensioning sleeves. The original leather style slides have been replaced with more resilient UHMW slides.

Also available for Later years 1963-1967 Complete Bus Soft Parts Rebuild Kit.

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The 1951-1963 Bus Complete Soft Parts Rebuild Kit is/ serve an important part of good functioning sunroof assembly. We've created this video to show you how the sunroof is rebuilt and we've named all the parts and their location to help you with servicing your assembly.

Grumpy's Metal offers new bus sunroof assemblies rebuild parts or a complete rebuild service for your assembly. We have created this "How To Rebuild your Sunroof Video" to help educate others on how to rebuild a sunroof assembly themselves. In this video, you will see not only how to rebuild the sunroof but also the names of all the parts and how to inspect your parts.


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